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April Little Black Bag (Bag 2 of 2)

I opened two Little Black Bags in April, and I'm finally posting what I received in my second bag.  I think the trading for this bag went pretty well and I was happy with all of the items I got.  To see what I got in my first April bag, click here.


I received five items total in this bag and I think it cost me around $34 after tax and shipping.  I'm so glad that LBB is no longer charging sales tax for NYS customers, so now my bags will be a little bit cheaper!

  • MMS Design Studio Striped Crossbody ($30) - I love this little bag!  I opened with it and traded it away, but then I decided I wanted it back so I offered the same multi I had taken on it and was able to get it back again.  There was also a blue and white version that I think was more popular, but I liked the colors on this one better.  It's the perfect summer crossbody.
  • Melie Bianco Eyeglasses Wristlet ($14) - These debuted in the gallery the day I was closing my bag and I was luckily able to grab one.  There was also a pink key and a green key design, but I like the glasses one.  The retail on this was only $14, and it's a pretty big wristlet considering that price.
  • Mata Traders Macrame Necklace ($26) - I love this necklace!  I wasn't sure if I was going to like it in person, but it's beautiful.  It's handmade and fair-trade, which is even better.  I originally had the pink/coral one but someone accepted my trade for the turquoise one on my last day of trading.
  • All The Rage Triangle Necklace ($16) - I like that this necklace is a little bit edgy but dainty at the same time.  There was a blue/turquoise version but I liked this pink and red one better.
  • Carol Dauplaise Fringe Hoop Earrings ($18) - I had been wanting these earrings for a while but I ended up returning them for an exchange credit because the stones were too big.  The design was really interesting and I liked the colors, they were just too clunky for my personal tastes.  Plus I wanted to see how the new exchange system worked.